Pericope: Scripture as written and read in antiquity

Data contributed by various scholars

Several scholars have been kind enough to put data on unit delimitation they collected at the disposal of the Pericope Group. Scholars are free to download and use these data, of course making due reference to the scholar(s) who contributed the material to the public domain. Other scholars considering to part with relevant data collections are kindly invited to write to Marjo Korpel.

J.M. Oesch

He wrote the first comprehensive study on the major division markers in manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible, cf. J.M. Oesch, Petucha und Setuma: Untersuchungen zu einer überlieferten Gliederung im hebräischen Text des Alten Testaments (OBO, 27), Freiburg 1979. He was one of the founders of the Pericope project and has contributed articles to several volumes of the Pericope series. He puts formatted lists of the division into parashot according to Maimonides at the disposal of scholars.

Download Oesch's first list of Maimonides's list of parashot (PDF-file, 80 Kb)
Download Oesch's second (extended) list of Maimonides's list of parashot (PDF-file, 164 Kb)

E.J. Revell

A distinguished pioneer in the field of unit delimitation in biblical manuscripts, he was one of the first to point out the importance of paying attention to pausal forms in the Hebrew Bible. Cf. E.J. Revell, `Pausal Forms in Biblical Hebrew: Their Function, Origin and Significance', Journal of Semitic Studies 25 (1980), 165-79; idem, `Pausal Forms and the Structure of Biblical Poetry', Vetus Testamentum 31 (1981), 186-99. He contributed a number of Microsoft Excel files listing all pausal forms and providing them with a critical analysis. A brief foreword (PDF) gives some information on what the lists of forms claim to be, an explanation of the sigla, etc.

Download Revell's foreword to the lists of pausal forms (PDF-file, 32 Kb)
Download Revell's data on pausal forms in the Hebrew Bible (PDF-file, 324 Kb)


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