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Paul Sanders' Thesis 1:

To a large extent, the placing of the major disjunctive accents in the Hebrew Bible goes back to a division of the text from the pre-Christian era.

Reaction Prof. J. Revell to Paul Sanders' Thesis 1

I would think this is demonstrated incontrovertibly by the spaces in the Deuteronomy text of John Rylands Greek Papyrus 458, to which the Nahal Hever text of the Twelve Prophets (8HevXIIgr) gives support. It should also be noted that `Palestinian' manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible show many variations from Tiberian in accentuation, and much variation is recorded in the form of MT published by C. D. Ginsburg (and, I believe, in the HUBP text), but the variants in these sources do not involve the major accents to any great extent. However, if the early history of the different system of accentuation found in the Babylonian biblical manuscripts were fully known, some modification of this thesis might be required.


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