Pericope: Scripture as written and read in antiquity

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An overview of Online Manuscripts and Manuscript Collections can be viewed at

Also at: (Electronic Texts Bible Related)

Information on electronic resources relevant to the textual criticism of Hebrew Sripture. An article by Emanuel Tov, listing several electronic sources, also on manuscripts:

The TanakhML Project: It aims at providing scholars with a common descriptive language for describing the structure of the Bible according to the Jewish masoretic tradition:

Much information on papyri and codices of the Bible of both the Old Testament and the New Testament, often accompanied by images, can be found under: (digitised versions of Codex Bezae and Codex Vaticanus to the N.T.) (digitised version of the Aleppo Codex with search and zoom function) (digitised versions New Testament Mss. 965 [Rockefeller McCormick New Testament] and 972 [Archaic Mark] with very good zoom function and full screen option) (digitised version of P46, as far as the leaves are avalaible in Michigan, with zoom function) (Hebrew text of Tenach, in unicode, with vocalisation) (Bible-Links Page) (Biblical Manuscripts Project) (Duke Papyrus Archive) (Papryus P967 Rahlfs) (APIS: Advanced Papyrological Information System) (Heidelberg Papyri) Papyrological Information System (The Early Greek Bible Manuscript Project, Tyndale House research project, Cambridge UK)

The great Isaiah scroll(s) from Qumran can be viewed at: and

The best place to start research in medieval Hebrew manuscripts of the Bible is the Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts in Jerusalem,

Many of the most famous Bible manuscripts have been published in the form of (quasi-)facsimile editions. Most of these are referred to regularly in the volumes of the Pericope series. For a project to create a mirror image of the Codex Leningradensis in the form of a Unicode transliteration see:

For the Hebrew text of the Hebrew Bible and the Greek text of the Greek New Testament in Unicode, see: Hypertext Bible)

Several old Bible editions can be obtained from: and

For the consultation of microfilms of Bible manuscripts in the Vatican Library the Vatican Film Library may be contacted:

For the consultation of microfilms of Syriac manuscripts the Peshitta Institute of Leiden University may be contacted:

Most volumes of the Biblia sacra iuxta latinam vulgatam versionem listing unit delimitations in manuscripts of the Vulgate are still available from:


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